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What Is An IP Address?

An IP address is an exclusive numerical label that online devices use to identify themselves and communicate with each other through computer networks. An IP address performs two functions, for identification and location addressing. IP addresses are binary numbers using either 32-bit or 128-bit numbers that are stored as text files, making them easy to identify to people. They are broken down into 2 distinct parts: the host identification part and the machine identification part. This process of digital addressing can best be compared to how we receive mail to our home address. An IP address would be most similar to your physical mailing address, while the network address would be compared to the town you live in. Just like our home addresses, digital information cannot be sent or received by online devices without a specific address.

What Uses An IP Address?

Any device that connects to a network has an IP address. It is how it can connect to the network or Internet and be found by other devices. The IP address is used to connect to other computers on the Internet so that you can browse web sites and search for online content. Without IP addresses you are unable to view web pages or connect to a network.

How Important Is An IP Address?

Your IP address is a digital address that you aren’t typically concerned with, but it is an essential part to your online browsing. Without a proper IP address, you aren’t able to connect to the Internet at all which helps you to get the weather, check your latest news or even view at videos online. Without a proper IP address for your computer, websites wouldn't be able to identify your computer from the thousands of others or know where to send their information you are looking for. Your IP address is broken down into distinct identification parts that lists your host, where every digital device will have it’s very own unique IP address to distinguish it from other computers or devices on the network. This will keep devices from having an IP conflict and confusing them with one another.

IP Address Lookup

Occasionally you will want to search the destination of an IP Address. You can search for IP Address Lookup tools and see that many different options are available for free on the Internet. By using a free IP Address Lookup tool, they are designed to give you an idea of where the IP Address you enter is located based on the information you have. With this useful online tool you can find out many different aspects about an IP address, such as the country, the region or territory, and occasionally even the city.